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B23 Office Park

The construction of B23, one of the most progressive buildings in the region, located opposite “Beogradska arena” in New Belgrade area is at the final stage,. B23 Office Park represents the first AAA class building in this part of Europe - a contemporary, urban office building which raises the current standards in construction, design, and functionality of structures of this kind. With GBA of 57,000 m2, the structure consists of four towers connected with exquisite atrium spaces, 4 VIP and 9 panoramic elevators, and a large park in front of the building. The space beneath the building is designed for parking and technical purposes, with VIP parking available at the street level and 550 parking spaces in total. The ground floor and the gallery area will have different contents such as congress halls, reception areas, cafés, book shops, banks, and other additional facilities. The special appeal of the building and its unique feature is the first private heliport, which at the radius of 26 m, offers top level business professionals an easy access to the building.