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Trosarina Shopping Mall

Trosarina Shopping Mall is located in a densely populated residential area, just 5.6 km from downtown Belgrade, in the vicinity of E75 highway. The building is designed as a multi-functional business and shopping center, with three underground levels of technical and parking spaces and three levels aboveground designed for walking, fun and shopping, with a total area amounting to 71,000 m2. Levels are visually linked to each other by gallery space in which the vertical communication - escalators and panoramic lifts are kept. The central space, walking areas and cafés, are intended for all kinds of gatherings and meetings. “Low Energy” shopping mall The center is designed as an environmentally friendly and energy efficient system. By applying modern architectural concepts, materialization of the installation systems with minimal energy consumption, using renewable energy sources with the minimal negative impact on the eco-system in the region, Trosarina shopping mall aims to remain green building concept representative. The main project was completed in Projmetal company which will be the official contractor as well. On the basis of the project documentation, all necessary permits for implementation and construction of the building are obtained from the relevant institutions.