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Projmetal has been the leading company in engineering and construction, since it was established in 1951. Today, Projmetal represents one of the largest companies in this sector in Serbia. More than 50 years of experience, knowledge and work on some of the most demanding projects resulted in resounding successes, especially from 2006 when Projmetal became part of Verano Group. Since then Projmetal has taken the leading role in designing, building, engineering and consulting in all Verano Group projects. Due to significant projects, and other investments, Projmetal is positioned amongst the best engineering companies in the region in XXI century. Along with commercial projects, the company plans, designs and constructs contemporary buildings of public use.

Today Projmetal employs 190 people, including 135 engineers and technicians in the project bureaus and construction engineering departments. Since 2006 Projmetal Company holds JUS ISO 9001: 2008 certificate. The use of the latest software and BIM technologies represents the fundamental concept of integral design in Projmetal. Participation of all professions in a project, in which the main objective is a building, as an integral product and energy entity, achieves that synchronized work of all stakeholders in the company, become an imperative. This leads to the rational approach to work at all levels, from design and construction to exploitation, including both the factors of time and cost. By organizing BLOK conferences, according to the company’s socially responsible attitude, Projmetal has raised the standards in the construction industry.

Among the projects completed in recent years are some of the most modern facilities in Serbia - Zira Center in Belgrade, B23 Office Park in New Belgrade, Robne kuće Beograd department stores reconstruction in Belgrade and across Serbia, business center “Zelengora” in Umka, numerous projects in the field of industry, as well as environmental projects. Recently completed projects include: the assessment of “Modernization of Pancevo refinery and integration of the new facilities and installations” project’s environmental impact. As the assessment was done for the first time in the region, at such a level of details and in a very short period of time, it has been recognized, by competent professionals and institutions, as an excellent project. Furthermore several large public, industrial and infrastructure projects are in progress, in cooperation with international companies that have recognized the quality of Projmetal’s work.